Combat Flags

Combat flags is owned and operated by American military veteran Dan Berei.  Each Original Combat Flag is made from duty-worn fatigues to create a unique symbol of patriotism.  He includes, with the flag, the story of the soldier that donated and wore uniform and uses these flags along with his other merchandise to give back to our veterans by giving a portion of the sales of these original flags to Stop Soldier Suicide.  Benjamin partners with Combat Flags by taking the larger outdoor flags on his mountaineering expeditions and auctions them off to help donate money to Stop Soldier Suicide. 


American 300 is an organization that sends volunteers to military bases around the world to share stories of resilience and encouragement.  Mental health and PTSD is prevalent among soldiers and it is important to assist and support our veterans and current service members.  Benjamin volunteers with American 300 to visit military bases to speak with service members and share his story along with others who have incredible stories of motivation and resilience.

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